Graffiti Reporting
Graffiti Triggers Crime and Littering

Why register with us?

We are a not-for-profit group, committed in preventing crimes and making clean, safe environment for all our citizens, This application will deliver complete management and reporting system which will help our city officials to curb and prevent crimes.

Iphone? Shoot a photo and upload, includes option for enabling geo-coding your photos.


Add Widget Reports Photo Tagging, Assign Cleaner
Add widget to your website, let the citizen report it through your website and manage it from here. We will instantly inform you whenever new report is submitted; it’s easy as copy and paste on to your webpage We believe in simplicity and ease to understanding, Generate monthly or annual reports with graphs and maps, Export Data in cvs format,

View records in both text and photo format, Assign cleaner and vandals, Vandal information is shared across the cities.


Registration is only accepted from authorised City Officials.
For any questions contact: support@graffitireporting.com


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